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Another candidate for the State Legislature has endorsed our effort to restore Michigan’s Part-time Citizen-driven Legislature. Her name is Cindy Gamrat. Read in her own words why she has stepped up to endorse our effort and work toward its success. Click on this link.

Eighty-two counties now have county contacts. ONE more to go! Do YOU know someone in Wexford County willing to assist us in distributing petitions? See below.

Read what bloggers and others are saying about a part-time legislature for Michigan: Click this link.


The Committee
to Restore Michigan’s Part-time Legislature
welcomes you
to learn more about our mission

small animated map v7Many of you know that we are in the process of recruiting County Coordinators/Contacts to serve as local focal points for the distribution of petitions.  We will be updating the map on the left to keep everyone up-to-date on our progress.

If you are interested in becoming a County Contact and your county is not shown in green on the map to the left (only Wexford remains), go to the FOR VOLUNTEERS choice on the main menu, select and click on CLICKABLE MAP in the drop down menu, and then click on your county on the map that is displayed… … … or just click on this link, and then click on your county. Then show your interest by checking the box below the county’s name and completing the rest of the form on the page which appears. When you are finished, be sure to click on the submit button. (If you click on the link provided above, the CLICKABLE MAP page will open in a separate tab in your browser.)

If your county already has a County Coordinator (it is green on the above map) and you want to help out, then you can also use the CLICKABLE MAP  page and click on your county… or just click this on this link, and then click on your county… and fill in the form on the page which appears. Again, be sure to click on the submit button when you are done.

Whether you are volunteering for the first time or are already helping out, you can enter comments and questions on the form provided. Or, you can contact the County Coordinator directly, using the contact information provided.


Listen to a brief message from our Chair, Norm Kammeraad…

If we all act alone, we will accomplish nothing!

But if we act together, we can truly change Michigan for the better.